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Restore & Rebalance

Commit to yourself and your mindfulness practice! TODAY, Saturday 5-7pm

Restore & Rebalance: Now a 4 Part series offered beginning today 11/7, 12/7, & 1/7!!

Introduction to Mindfulness Meditation and Yin Postures paired together with aromatherapy, & poetry.

What to Expect:

Each session will explore ways to activate inner healing, nourishment, connection and ways to nurture & calm our nervous systems.

Through postures, breathing, and

led meditation, intimate conversations and movement.

The majority of poses will take place on the floor. Yin Yoga primarily effects the first 3 chakras, however we can affect all seven chakras along the spine throughout any pose through our power of attention and intention.

Each Yin Yoga posture affects not only one or more meridians, but the vital connective tissues, fascia, tendons, and ligaments. The invitation is to relax slowly and deeply within the web of our bodies from the inside out.

We can access our own vital energy flowing within the body's meridians and organs. Each of us is in a constant state of change coming from harmony to disharmony and back again....

For: Every Body.

There will be time for Questions / Reflections. The last gathering will be designed with group's interests.

Tea, water, light snacks provided.

Please wear comfortable clothing and bring notebook or journal if you like.

Cost: $140 for all 3

Or $50 each session.

Try today with a donation to the studio.

2 hour sessions begin today 5-7pm With Christina McCarthy!


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